Serie A back on the field, the training dates of the 20 teams

Serie A back on the field, the training dates of the 20 teams

Serie A back on the field, the training dates of the 20 teams

The A starts training again, the table with the dates of the resumption of the training of the 20 teams

This is the week in which Serie A will return to the field, the first step towards the resumption of football in Italy. Below are the dates of the resumption of training of the different teams that will return to the field in an initial phase with individual or small group sessions, also following the regional indications for the reopening of sports activities that are staggered in the different areas of the country. The first team to return to work will be Sassuolo, on Tuesday it will be up to Inter and Wednesday to the Romans while other teams have yet to plan the official recovery. The table will be updated progressively.

Serie A training calendar after the lockdown

Atalanta – May 5
Bologna – May 5
Brescia – to be defined
Cagliari – to be defined
Fiorentina – to be defined
Genoa – to be defined
Inter – 5 May
Juventus – May 5
Lazio – May 6
Lecce – to be defined
Milan – 7 May
Napoli – 7 May
Parma – 4 May
Rome – May 7
Sampdoria – May 6
Sassuolo – 4th May
Spal – to be defined
Torino – May 7
Udinese – to be defined
Verona – to be defined

As for the Bundesliga and the Premier League, also the Serie A teams will initially make their players train individually and maintain the social distancing in staggered groups on the different fields for a maximum of three or four athletes, who will have to bring their drinks from home and they will not be able to shower in the sports center. Almost all companies will also minimize the staff essential for the sessions, probably only one doctor and one trainer will be present during training.

In the event that new cases of positivity are detected, the subjects involved will be isolated and the other components of the rose screened (swabs, blood tests). It seems that this procedure will be followed in all countries and is perhaps the point on which to expect updates because it is not entirely convincing.