12 players who celebrated the postponement of EURO 2020

12 players who celebrated the postponement of EURO 2020

12 players who celebrated the postponement of EURO 2020

The news of the postponement of Euro 2020 for a year will have bothered the overwhelming majority of players who dreamed of a tournament of this size, however, others will have been satisfied with this decision since they were suffering from injuries that would probably prevent them from be present in the race.

The case of the national team

The fight for a place among the 23 selected for a final phase of great competition is today extremely fierce in the national context, such is the quality of our players. This season, that would be no exception and some players should be hurt by the fact that they are injured or in relatively early stages of their return to competition.

In the national case, Ricardo Pereira was the most striking case since he became famous for Leicester City and would hardly be left out of the 23-man squad list, however, a recent ligament rupture in his knee would prevent him from giving your contribution in three months.

In this way, the right defender ex-FC Porto returns to dream of being present in the competition as he will have enough time to recover from injury, and reestablish his strong competitive indexes that he had been presenting in the Premier League.

But there are other cases in the national team: Gonçalo Guedes has had a season to forget at Valencia due to an injury that mortgaged much of his season, and even though he is already back in competition, it would be difficult to win a place among the 23 elected at this stage .

The same was true of André Gomes or William Carvalho who had a season marked by injuries that would put them at a clear disadvantage compared to others in high turnover these days such as Danilo Pereira, Rúben Neves, Pizzi or Bruno Fernandes.

English team may have a devastating attack in 2021

Today Gareth Southgate’s team leads the list of favorites to win EURO 2021 with odds of 6.00. This figure was substantially reduced after the announcement of the postponement of the race to the following year, considering that Harry Kane and Marcus Rashford can thus recover more calmly from their injuries and perform at full strength in a year.

Kane was one of the top scorers at the 2018 FIFA World Cup and is a leading figure in the English squad, while Marcus Rashford was having the best time of his career at Manchester United before contracting a back injury. With these two players in good shape next season, and in the company of others like Raheem Sterlng or Jadon Sancho, England has one of the most fearsome attacks today and has to be taken very seriously in the near future.

In addition to its offensive strength, its defense also impresses with Alexander-Arnold, Harry Maguire or Michael Keane acting as a source of defensive security.

Has Hazard’s bad luck ended?

At the age of 29, Belgian national team captain Eden Hazard will have had one of the most frustrating seasons of his career as he arrived at Real Madrid for a large sum and with the responsibility of being one of the team’s commanders.

It turns out that a wave of injuries has prevented him from asserting himself in the club of the Spanish capital and his presence at EURO 2021 was even at risk, with Belgium having one of the strongest teams of the moment and was another of the candidates for the title.

In the company of Kevin De Bruyne, Dries Mertens or Romelu Lukaku, the Red Devils are another favorite to win the competition in 2021 with odds of 6.50 at the main bookmakers.

Clockwork Orange will also not have disliked the postponement

The Netherlands has evolved a lot in recent years with a new generation of highly promising talents, however, the team would reach the European Championship somewhat lacking in attack without the influential and scorer Memphis Depay and one of the new promises of Dutch football, Steven Bergwijn.

The Lyon and Tottenham players are injured with the youngest of the two, recently joined in the Premier League, virtually excluded from the possibility of recovering in time, while Depay still had his chances, but he could go far in the best way.

Young dreamers regained hope

Several young players also regained hope of being at the next European. Nicolò Zaniolo, only 20 years old, is one of the most talented Italian midfielders today and could be in a position to contribute in a year, just like Marco Asensio on the Spanish side or even our well-known Merih Demiral from Juventus, who contracted a rupture of ligaments that would prevent him from aligning for Turkey in 2020.

This range of 12 appointed players is only a part of the players who will be able to attend the tournament in 2021, but who would hardly be able to do so in 2020. Anyway, the ones mentioned here are those who seem to me to be able to have greater influence on their teams from here one year.