France vs Moldova Betting Tips and Odds

France vs Moldova Betting Tips and Odds

The French are the best team in the world right now as we are talking nothing less than the World Champions who were crowned last summer 2018. France in this group It is undoubtedly a big favorite but not yet qualified.

France vs Moldova Betting Tips and Odds

This is because they compromised in both games with Turkey where they lost 2-0 away and at home drew 1 goal. France’s superiority is evident in this group, but it gives the idea that the French have settled a little.

In this match I hope for a more dynamic France to close now from qualifying for the Euro finals with a good win over this weak Moldovan side.

Moldova, Moldova is a very weak selection, very limited and with little experienced players. Most play in the local Moldovan league and the few who play abroad play in eastern teams without much expression.

Moldova are in last place in this group and have only won the Andorra team at home. They have not scored a goal for many days and Moldova are all in all a harmless team that scares no one.

They should play in a very low and backward block in Paris, trying to delay as much as possible the French goal that should naturally occur in the 1st half given the difference and difference of both teams. Very different realities we have here.

Tip: I will go to this handicap from France for the Gauls to win the 1st half by at least 2 goals.

I believe France can beat this line because they will perform at full strength, because their last performances have suffered somewhat and they have not yet secured qualification for Euro 2020.

France vs Moldova Betting Tips and Odds

It is called for a good win here for the French team that should defeat Moldova without any major problems. I liked this favorable handicap for France because I believe the goal difference at the end of the first half is at least 2 goals. For those who are more conservative, you can try to wait live and try to go to France-friendly ML, but I see the world champions scoring early and that removes any value. I’m going to this handicap favorable to the French.

Betting Tips: France AH -1.5 HT
Odds: 1.62