Red Star Belgrade vs HJK Betting Tips & Predictions 24/07/2019

Red Star Belgrade vs HJK Betting Tios and Predictions

The UEFA Champions League quarterfinals phase continues on Wednesday with some interesting games.

Red Star Belgrade vs HJK Football Betting Tips and Predictions

One of these is the Red Star and HJK scheduled at Rajko Mitic Stadium in Belgrade.

Red Star Belgrade: Form of the moment, latest results, statistics

Red Star is one of the bands that impressed the previous season in the UEFA Champions League, hoping to repeat the past experience. The team in Serbia managed to qualify up to UCLs, a performance that can be achieved if the Serbian game is as consistent as ever. The first team eliminated by Serbs was the Lithuanian band Suduva, score 2-1 in general after a brilliant game of the hosts. In the championship he made his debut in front of Javor, score 2-0, having a very good morale before the game tonight.

HJK: Form of the moment, latest results, statistics

HJK, the second-ranked guest in winning the game and qualifying at the same time, is ready to make a very good double both in terms of results and of the game. Although the Finnish team does not have the same level of performance and value as the Serbian team, HJK still has a great experience in this European competition, and things will certainly be seen alongside the two parties. A huge advantage of the blue is the championship that has already reached quite a number of stages, showing that HJK has a lot of active games, a thing that will surely matter a lot in the economy of a qualification.

Betting tips and predictions analyzed Red Star Belgrade vs HJK

The odds offered by bookmakers are clear to the advantage of Serbs who are seen as undisputed favorites to win, but things will not be so simple for Serbs. Red Star Belgrade will try to get a good result for the Finland game in return, but HJK is ready to score at least one goal in Serbia, which can happen and I will bet tonight.

Betting Prediction: Goal in both halves
Odds: 1.57

Betting Tips: The guests score
Odds: 2.14