Ac Milan vs Lazio Betting Predictions 24/04/2019

Ac Milan vs Lazio Betting Predictions

AC Milan have the great possibility of returning to the titles in Italy, by winning the Italian Cup. The Rossoneri are in 4th place in Serie A and will be able to stay in one of the first four places that give them access to the Champions League. That will be the main objective, but the Italian Cup is no less important, because even surpassing Lazio will have good chances of winning the competition as easy as getting new free spins at the casino

Ac Milan vs Lazio Today’s Betting Prediction

Lazio are still struggling for a place in the Europa League, but this is a difficult scenario for the Roma team. In addition to the fierce competition, Lazio have not been able to remain competitive in Serie A. So, like AC Milan, Lazio bet a lot in this competition. In the first leg match was not beyond the draw to zeros, so now the goal passes by won or draw with goals at the San Siro Stadium.

Key statistics for the match Ac Milan vs Lazio

In the game of the first hand there was a null between AC Milan and Lazio. Lazio have the chance to see if they draw with goals.
Both teams are going through a difficult time of the season. Only 1 win for both teams in their last 5 games.
AC Milan have won 4 of their last 6 home games and conceded no goals in those four games. Lazio have lost 4 of the last 6 trips, scoring goals in 3.

Football Betting Prediction Explained Ac Milan vs Lazio

Despite both teams going through difficult times with only 1 victory in the last 5 games, the scenario changes completely, when we attend to the home and visitor factor. AC Milan have been very strong, playing at San Siro, and this contrasts with the weaknesses of Lazio as a visitor. In a tie so balanced, the goal as a visitor can make all the difference. Therefore, and after a null in the first game, AC Milan will try to win, but with great care. It is anticipated a game with few goals, but with the AC Milan with some favoritism, taking into account its factor house.

Betting Prediction: Asian handicap (0)
Odds: 1.92