Standard De Liege vs Anderlecht Betting Predictions 12/04/2019

Standard De Liege vs Anderlecht Betting Predictions

This is the total crisis in Anderlecht and this match could well mark the final fall of the club in the heart of a catastrophic end of the season. Unable to win any game since the start of the play-offs for the title, the Mauves are in penultimate place in the top 6 and may miss Europe for the first time in 55 years.


Standard De Liege vs Anderlecht Football Betting Prediction

A thing unthinkable at the start of the play-offs but which materializes match after match, defeat after defeat. At first severely defeated 3-0 by Genk, Anderlecht then took the broth against Bruges by conceding 3 new goals and his ordeal continued last Sunday with a 2-1 defeat against Antwerp at home .. The loss too much for supporters who have shown their anger and shame through songs and demonstrations outside the stadium. It was a disastrous start that relegated Anderlecht to 11 points of the qualification for the Champions League. And in case of 4th consecutive defeat, the Mauves could very well say goodbye to Europe next season. Which would be very bad news, whether financially or mentally. Unfortunately for them, it is on the ground of Standard Liege, 3rd of the classification, that they will move. This is a task that looks very complicated and the 3 points will be hard to take. Especially since the Standard is in shape and he will want to forget his heavy defeat on the field of Bruges last week on the score of 4-0. Now relegated to 4 points in the Champions League, the people of Liege have no choice and must start again to continue to believe in the Great Ears Cup. Already the winner of Antwerp and La Gantoise, Standard will not want to deprive himself of plunging Anderlecht in the total crisis and it could well inflict a heavy defeat to the Mauves who cash a lot of goals since the beginning of these play-offs. This is the match of fear for Anderlecht.

Key stats for the match Standard De Liege vs Anderlecht

Standard has lost only 1 of its last 5 games.
The Standard remains on 10 games without defeat at home.
Anderlecht have lost their last 3 games.
Anderlecht have conceded 8 goals in their last 3 games.
Standard have lost only 1 of the last 6 games against Anderlecht.

Betting Tips and Predictions Analzyed Standard De Liege vs Anderlecht

Anderlecht moves on the field of Standard with fear in his stomach. Still without a win since the start of the play-offs, the Mauves are in full swing and they could miss Europe for the first time in 55 years. A news that would be catastrophic if it came to fruition. But against the Standard, Anderlecht may still have trouble because the club beat the Liege once in the last 6 clashes. Given the best form displayed by the Standard and the lack of offensive character that is plunging Anderlecht, we put on a victory of Liege.

Betting Prediction: 1
Odds: 2.10