TURKEY: Turkish Cup

Galatasaray vs Boluspor Betting Predictions 29/01/2019

Galatasaray vs Boluspor Betting Prediction

In this year’s Turkish Cup competition Besiktas already missing a top club from the Süper Lig. With Basaksehir and Fenerbahce two other heavyweights from the highest Turkish league were eliminated. Thus, only Galatasaray remains out of Istanbul as the top club in the race for the “Türkiye Kupasi”. The “lion” could only become Trabzonspor really dangerous. Whether Galatasaray will really march through is rather questionable, because the Turkish Cup has always been good for surprises. Galatasaray will have to play after the weather-related first leg cancellation against boluspor only this week the return leg. After the “lions” got off lightly in the first leg and should be more than happy about the victory to zero, the team of Terim wants to burn in the second leg nothing.

Today’s Betting Prediction Galatasaray vs Boluspor

Fatih Terim will undoubtedly make many changes to the “Türkiye Kupasi” in the forthcoming gambit in February, including in the following rounds of the cup. The quarter-final ticket is to be solved in front of a home crowd. That the second division but not to be underestimated, Gala should have noticed at least after the close away win. Boluspor, meanwhile, has nothing to lose in the cup and is therefore unpredictable. If the team of Boluspor surprise the Turkish champions in Istanbul, could Galatasaray against Boluspor odds of 6.00 waving. Certainly tempting when considering how many high-profile opportunities Boluspor had in the first leg of the cup. For our Galatasaray vs. Boluspor prediction also seems to us a tip on a scorching match quite promising. On Tuesday evening at 17:45, we will learn how the return leg will look like in the Türk Telekom stadium in Galatasaray.

Galatasaray – Statistics & Current Form

This year Galatasaray started with three wins in three competitive games. The Turkish record champion was able to win all games to zero and starts ambitious in the new calendar year. In addition to the exciting title race in the Süper Lig, the “Lions” will also compete for the title in the Turkish Cup. With Basaksehir and Fenerbahce knocking down the next trophy favorites, Galatasaray could march through to the Cup final. But it must be remembered that the “lions” are also represented in the Europa League. Due to the bad weather and the game cancellation in the cup first leg, this second leg had to be postponed for a week. At the weekend still a narrow away win in Göztepe landed, should be achieved in the cup at home the next round – and also with the second guard. As with Galatasaray vs. Boluspor clarify the odds, Terim is likely to spare his performers. In the Süper Lig Galatasaray is meanwhile unbeaten 29 home games in a row. In a 6-0 home win swept Galatasaray downright Ankaragücü from the square. With the twelfth man in the back, the self-confidence of the Turkish record champions is simply enormous; That’s what the Anatolian clubs have heard recently. Even if the second guard should play here in the second leg, the self-assured appearance of the Terim-Elf can be assumed.

Players like Cipe, who are otherwise unable to play in the Süper Lig, were able to prove themselves in the Cup match. Cipe, who replaces Muslera as keeper in the cup, was able to convince as a youngster in goal and was instrumental in ensuring that Galatasaray won the game to zero. Also players like Yunus Akgün and Gökay Güney were able to reap praise from Terim. In the second leg we will certainly see these players again on the field. Also newcomer Tasdemir should come in the Cup second leg to the course. Galatasaray certainly has no commendable squad, but the qualitative difference between the Turkish record champions and the second division is nevertheless enormous. It does not say much at Galatasaray against Boluspor for a tip against the hosts – or yet?

Expected formation of Galatasaray:
cipe; Bayram, Calik, Güney, Linnes; Donk, Yuksel; Celik, Babacan, Akgun; Gümüs

Last games by Galatasaray:

  • 26.01.2019 – Göztepe Vs. Galatasaray 0: 1 (Süper Lig)
  • 22.01.2019 – Boluspor vs. Galatasaray 0: 1 (Pokal)
  • 19.01.2019 – Galatasaray Vs. Ankaragücü 6: 0 (Süper Lig)
  • 12.01.2019 – RB Leipzig vs. Galatasaray 1: 1 (club friendlies)
  • 08.01.2019 – Galatasaray Vs. Eskisehirspor 3: 3 (club friendlies)


Boluspor – Statistics & Current Form

Boluspor split up with Ismail Haktan Odabasi after Galatasaray’s first-leg tie. The offensive player has had to harvest harsh criticism after his numerous top-class chances against Galatasaray and ultimately separated from Boluspor. Too weak was his appearance against the “lions” and his chances were lost Bolu expensive. A progress for the second division is now possible only after away win in Istanbul. Last weekend Boluspor drew with Interimscoach Bahadir Kiyak a 3-0 victory over Elazigspor. Even in the Cup second leg Kiyak could probably lead the team on the field. Although the former Boluspor player has worked in the youth section, it still does not seem that Necip Carikci (club president) can find a quick fix. In the Cup final Boluspor had a surprising number of chances against Galatasaray. In the end, Bolu could use but none of the eleven shots on goal. Especially in the closing stages of the second division had turned up properly and put the weak defensive of the traditional club from Istanbul under pressure. A cup-off against Galatasaray would certainly be tolerable, because Boluspor had great chances in the Turkish Cup anyway not calculated. In the second leg Bolu now has nothing to lose and can play freely – and that’s what makes the second division so dangerous.

At the weekend Elazigspor could be shot down in a 3: 0, too high praise should this home win but not then. That’s what Bolu has to start with in the cup. At the weekend it comes in the fight for the playoffs in the second Turkish League against the table neighbors Ümraniyespor. If Bolu, as in the league in the second leg should present so offensive and this time uses the opportunities, the second division could certainly be good for one or the other goal. In the second Turkish league Boluspor is one of the strongest away teams. Most recently, none of the last four away matches could be won. For our Galatasaray vs. Boluspor prediction we would not want to exclude a scorching match in Istanbul.

Expected list of Boluspor:
Köstereli; Bilazer, Kurt, Bekaroglu, Diarra; Cakmak, Gültekin; Durak, Akabueze, Kocer; Özcan

Last Games by Boluspor:

  • 26.01.2019 – Boluspor Vs. Elazigspor 3: 0 (1st Lig)
  • 22.01.2019 – Boluspor vs. Galatasaray 0: 1 (Pokal)
  • 19.01.2019 – Osmanlispor vs. Boluspor 3: 1 (1st Lig)
  • 08.01.2019 – Akhisar Belediye vs. Boluspor 2: 4 (club friendlies)
  • 23.12.2018 – Eskisehirspor vs. Boluspor 1: 1 (1st Lig)


Galatasaray Vs. Boluspor Direct Comparison

Overall, Galatasaray and Boluspor meet for the 48th time in their club history. The direct comparison is dominated by gala. In 23 home games against Boluspor Galatasaray could build a home record of 16-4-3. Since 1991/92, the two clubs met again for the first time this year in a competitive match. The first leg in the Turkish Cup was won by Galatasaray with a lot of noise and noise and is in a 1-0 win in the distance with a great advantage in the return leg.

Galatasaray vs. Boluspor Our Betting Prediction Explained

Already in the first leg, the second division side from Bolu had numerous chances to possibly get a good starting position against Galatasaray. After the catastrophic appearance of Odabasi, who has awarded at least four high-profile chances, Boluspor has separated from the offensive player. After Karafirtinalar’s Bolu coach announced his resignation last week, the second division side are still looking for substitutes. Again, the team under the direction of interim solution Kiyak could go into the next competitive match. Galatasaray meanwhile wants to survive the charge with the second guard – but certainly not all players will be spared. With the qualitative difference in the squad falls our Galatasaray vs. Boluspor prediction but still not in favor of the home side.

Key Facts – Galatasaray Vs. Boluspor tips

Despite weak defensive appearances, Galatasaray has been able to hold zero three times in the last race!
Boluspor shot down Elazigspor 3-0 last weekend!
Already in the first leg, it was a very offensive game in which both clubs had numerous opportunities.

This is the partly vulnerable defense of the second guard of Galatasaray blame. Boluspor could have scored two goals with ease in a reasonably good chance. Galatasaray’s 1-0 win means that the quarter-final ticket has not yet been resolved. Whether Boluspor will be good for a surprise, remains uncertain, for one goal or another, the second division should be kept but on the slip. We would go to Galatasaray Vs. Boluspor recommend a tip on over 2.5 goals, for which we choose a use of 4 units. If successful, Galatasaray could win 1.74 against Boluspor.

Betting Prediction: Over 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.74